Topic Title: Spraying with Pam
Created on June 26, 2011 at 11:56 AM


Hello - just bought our first holland - can't wait to use! Did the initial 30 minute burnoff, then sprayed inside of lid, cooking grid and drip pan with PAM (per the instruction) manual before cooking the first time. Do I need to spray with PAM each time I use it, or just the first time? Thanks!

Franklin D

A light spray on cooking grid & drip pan each time will keep food from sticking to the grid & make the drip pan easier to clean. Make sure you use the high temp spray made for grills. Not necessary to spray the inside of the lid very often.

Tom Kirkman

I started with PAM but no longer use it. I am convinced it was the culprit that made so much black gunk inside my grill.

After a very thorough cleaning, that took several hours, I now simply wipe the cooking grid with a light coating of olive oil. My grill stays cleaner, I do less scraping and it seems to be better all around.


No need to use PAM other than the very first burn in. Just scrape the grid and drip pan when needed and you'll be fine. PAM is flamable so be careful.....I sprayed mine when the grill was off only the first time. I've never used it since. Just my 2 cents. (Holland Grill owner 12 years and still going strong)

Gary D

If you do use a Pam type product, the secret is to use a high temp version made especially for grills. The standard version will gunk up & turn black.

Tom Kirkman

The high temp version did the same, on mine anyway.

Richard Christian

This was the worst advice ever! We just got this grill as a gift and put PAM on it prior to even using it the first time and it destroyed the inside. Now I've spent hours searching the internet on how to get this crap off the grill and inner pan. What a terrible first experience with this grill!

Richard Christian


I just bought a new Holland Grill (my 3rd one) and I don't use anything on the cooking grid or the drip pan. I've never seen the necessity for it. However, if you insist on using SOMETHING, I would suggest grape seed oil. It doesn't have the properties of a Pam-like product and is for high heat. It's available at your grocery store. I bought mine at Food Lion to use on my "other" grill.

Victor Bergeron

I agree with
Richard Christian bad advice.I used hi temperature PAM inside and on grill. I'm ****ed off my new expensive Epic SS has baked on grease stains leaking all over the outside of my grill.Its even spraying out the spoke stacks and staining top.I have tried 2 different stainless steel cleaners, dawn, xtra strength degreaser.Using dish scrub pad and buffer pad on a drill. Still can't get it clean.Someone please tell me how to get my grill I used only once looking like a $,1000.00 grill and not a $100.00 grill
I'm ****ed off!


Spray your cooking grid with Pam, not your whole damn grill! You clean your cooking grid afterwards with a scraper & wire brush.