Topic Title: 1st Holland Grill
Created on July 1, 2011 at 12:53 PM


So I have been wanting a Holland grill forever and now I am ready to buy. Been researching and I am looking at The Wrangler and The Maverick. Is one better than the other? I like the fact that The Wrangler has the tray for wood chips and such which I didn't see in the Maverick.

Any opinions would be appriciated. Thanks!


The Wrangler has a drip pan with drain valve. You can fill the pan with water & steam.
The Maverick has a simpler drip pan with no drain valve, so no steam.
You can put wood pellets in a little tray on the drip pan, so both can add smoke.


Am also considering either the Wrangler or Maverick, but I want natural gas. I notice that the others have the necessary info for conversion, but these two do not - is this by design or just an omission?
Also notice that the suggested price is given for the Maverick but not the Wrangler. How much extra are the added goodies?

Gary D

Any full size Holland grill can be set-up for either LP or NG. The only difference is the orifice size & the hose.
The dealers set the final price, so check with them.

Eddie K

Instructions for converting your holland grill to natural gas can be found on this website under SUPPORT/FAQ. Very easy to do. Just make sure you have the right orifice and your home is getting the right pressure at the grill. Gas Co. will have to check that. Good luck.
PS--all full size Holland Grills can be converted from LP to NG or vice versa.


Thanks Guys!
One more question - How do y'all like the constant temperature cooking as opposed to multiple & controllable burner(s) and/or multiple vents, to regulate temperature?

I am considering getting a charcoal unit with the four vents - two top & two bottom. I had one of these some 40 years ago and I could grill one of the juiciest, most tender steaks you can imagine using indirect cooking. But when it went to Grill Heaven, I could never find a "4 vent" replacement until now.

Tried several grills since, but none have ever satisfied, but this one sounds good.

Any experiences appreciated


Holland has a 4-vent charcoal grill, The Patriot. I've got one and love it.


I bought my new Maverick grill 6/28. Couldn't be happier. how else could cook a apple pie, baked potatos and a full chicken to perfection.?? I use the Hollands flavor-bud trays in the corners, she really gets a smokin!! One of my best investments ever, plus don't forget the Holland cookbook. Another masterpiece!!


Good news...I don't have my mind made up yet but I am heading to the store tomorrow to pick it out.