Topic Title: Old companion regulator?
Created on July 10, 2011 at 04:25 PM


I have an old companion. Maybe 8-10 yrs old. I recently unpacked it and noticed I didn't have the regulator. So I purchased one from this site. Problem: the regulator seems to be too big to fit the hole. The protruding metal won'tow the regulator to get anywhere near fitting securely. I've read that the fit can be loose but this is gas spewing loose so I havent been able to use it. I'm figuring the regulator for my model is/was smaller. Confirming this would atleast remove the 'idiot' factor in case I just simply can't attach a regulator to a grill. Thanks for any help!


I have and older (non folding leg) and a new (folding leg) Companion. I do think some where along the line they changed at least the appearnce at the connection end of the regulator. However the two regulators I have are inter changeable and yes they are loose but no gas leakage.


Thanks for the reply. Well I cant say that it actually leaked gas.. But I can't see how it wouldn't. The gas-path is not entirely enclosed. I'm guessing the metal spaces on the companion (that will allow gas to escape if connected now) were designed to be hooked into by the rivets on the regulator. Millimeter too large the regulator is. Hopefully the Holland CS folks can verify. Thanks again..

@ Ralph

The regulator does not fit tight. It doesn't need to. There is no pressure in the burner tube. The regulator orifice shoots a thin stream of gas down the center of the burner tube. The flame creates a draft which pulls air in through the air holes in the tube to mix with the gas.


Then why does the parts list reference 2 different regulators for each style Companion? The MG2-550 for the newer one & the & MG1-109 for the older style?
I have an older one as well as a newer one & I cannot get the regulator out of the old one to replace it. It seems like the tube is crimped or pressed around it.

@ AJ

Rotate the regulator so its bottoms up & slide the regulator out of the burner tube.
When you get a new regulator (MG1-109), insert it with the bottom up then rotate it upright.
There is only 1 regulator for both the old & new LP Companion.


Well I too have the exact same problem with my older companion grill...old regulator went bad...ordered new one from factory...does not fit into the housing on the grill...sure it will go in just far enough to hang in there and yes it will light the burner but it does not stay in the housing and will fall out if bumped at all...ok..ok.. I get it..yes the reulator may be the same but the housing has been changed...the replys to the other customers concerns are not the solution..
please do not just blow this off as YOUR customers love your I do..but please help us figure this out..and if the final solution is that "yes there was a design change and the only thing to do is purchase a new style companion grill with the correct fitting regulator" then so be it...I will gladly buy the new one to have a safe...hassle free working grill...thank you from all your customers in this matter...

@ AJ

There has only been one regulator ever produced for the Companion - Part # MG1-109. Part # MG2-550 is the folding leg. I've looked at both Owner Manuals for the 1st Gen and 2nd Gen Companions as well as the part list on the Website and there is only one Regulator listed.

As for Ralph's problem with his replacement regulator not fitting, it's possible that the notch cutout is not big enough, could be a die problem and should try to file out the notch more.


I have not used my grill for 5 I got it out, cleaned it up and fired it off. Problem, it only gets to 200F, seems propane is weak flow. Regulator a little sticky. Should I replace or try to clean regulator, lubeit? Solvents?