Topic Title: Holland Grill Cover
Created on July 15, 2011 at 02:15 PM


We have a Holland grill, which we love, and we bought one of the company's covers for it when it was new, three years ago. Well, the cover hasn't held up so well in our Midewest winters, so I want to replace it. The new Holland cover says it "WILL NOT CRACK" (caps theirs) in winter weather. Anyone know if this claim is true. Any advice about replacing the cover?


I purchased my grill used so I never had a Holland cover. I did purchase a rather expensive one from LOWES (with the requisite Penn State Nittany Lion logo). It is lined, does well in the winter, and is generally high quality. After 2 1/1 winters (yes I grill in the winter) and 3 summers, the cover is cracking. I would take the "will not crack" with a grain of salt.


I have the current Holland deluxe canvas cover & love it. It is entirely different than the vinyl Holland cover I had before. It is more of a waterproofed canvas with a tight weave to it. Kinda like high quality back- packing Items are made from. Nothing to crack like the rubber/vinyl surface on the older covers.