Topic Title: reulator is weak
Created on July 18, 2011 at 02:12 PM

ronnie webb

my companion is only about 4 yaers old. the regulator seems to have a week stream of gas. knowing a bit about gas and it's pressures, (i'm a plumber that istalls gas lines), the flame is weak and slow untill i compress my regulator button and hold it in manually. have checked for obstuctions and followed all hollands troubleshooting tips. used it at my 5 year old grandaughters birthday party a just a warmer for the bergers. my $29.00 dollar wal-mart grill works better. such a dis-appointment. just ordered a new regulator just to find out,after reading the blogs, that it might not work on my after factory changes... if that's the case, i'll trash it, and will be done with holland equipment. hope this is not the case.... i do not stand for equipment failure in my gear. that's why i thought i bought the best!

@ ronnie

Just in case you are using your Companion hooked to a 20 lb tank with a hose, be sure to test it with a small 1 lb tank screwed directly on the back of the regulator.
Probably not the case, but lots of manufacturers make the hoses for other brands. They are not all compatible with the Companion regulators.


tried it both ways... same results. but thanks anyway!

@ ronnie

Have you called Holland yet? That is the first thing you should do. Have your model number & serial number when you call.