Topic Title: Remote Thermometer
Created on July 28, 2011 at 11:31 PM


Any body have an HH reading on the Holland remote handset? Its been working great until tonight. Help!


I found out that 3 h's (HHH) means the thermometer needs replaced, but still nothing about 2 h's (HH). ???


Just found out from Holland, its the meat probe. They're taking care of it!! Thanks Holland!!


On my remote HHH means the temp has gone higher than 410*


I just whish I could hear Mine Beep it is so LOW!

@ Patrick

like a lot of men,I have a touch of Tinnitus (ringing in the ears). I can't hear that type of high pitched beep on my watch, the wireless thermometer or any other electronic device. My wife, however can hear them a mile away.
Why don't manufacturers realize this & change it to a lower, louder pitch??


I don't have a Holland remote thermometer, but I am EXTREMELY familiar with the HH or HHH error codes. The temp measuring device will fail if it gets above a certain temp - 600° is ringing a bell. Obviously, with the Holland grill this isn't the problem.

HOWEVER, I recently found out that the inner part of the probe will fail if water gets inside. DON'T submerge the probe or allow water to seep into where the wirt comes out.


I like the idea of a wireless thermometer but I can't hear the beeper at all on the one I got from you guys. Do you have anythat are louder?