Topic Title: Apex Grill Temp?
Created on April 28, 2008 at 11:17 PM


I just got my new grill, the Apex, and got it put together. I did a lot of research before throwing down the cash on this thing. Now, I have a few fit-n-finish issues, but that is for Holland. My question is this. I fired up the grill and checked the flame, which was blue with a little yellow here and there like the manual said there should be. I let it run 30 minutes as suggested and the thermometer was reading 500+ degrees. Could this be correct? I was expecting the operating temp to be around 400 degrees. Do I have a problem here?


Apparently the newest Hollands get a little hotter than previous models. If you feel your grill is too hot for your cooking style, call Holland, they can help you cool it down.


I cooked on a new Epic model and it too got pretty hot--right at 500. But, I found after I cooked on it a while it cooled down a bit to like 450 or below. Maybe it takes a little "coating" to build up, or the metal gets tempered. I'm no engineer but mine stays right around 425-440 now. Love it.


I contacted Holland they sent me a new orfice and supply hose w/ regulator. I've used it once since putting the new parts on and I think it might even be hotter. They told me to turn down the burner some, not much as it wouldn't stay lit. It at least keeps the temp where I can use it. Tried smoking a ham, but found most of my water in the drip bucket. I don't think my valve seals up very well.

It's a little frustrating knowing I spent more on this grill than I normally would have. I hope I made the right choice. I will say I've fixed some phenomial meat, though I hate the hassles.