Topic Title: looking or a new holland
Created on August 18, 2011 at 10:55 PM

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Looking to buy a new stainless steel grill for a friend. Does any one know where I can get one near Naples Fl.

Thanks again or reply
Captain Steve

Franklin D

D. D. West Interiors
6230 Shirley St., Suite 102, Naples, FL
7 miles from zip code 34101

Check the "Store locator" above for more

Holland user since 1992

I would rather dive 500 mile more then to buy it from them their customer service __________. I would never give them another dime thought they were out of business.

Tom Kirkman

I believe many Holland dealers are online and will gladly ship you a unit. Just an idea.

Holland user since 1992

Thanks Tom that what I'm going to try. Question for you are you the same Tom that builds a few rods and I may have shot a round or two of skeet with you.
Captain Steve

Tom Kirkman

Maybe - I publish a magazine for folks that build rods.

Chef Mark

Hey did you find a new Holland Grill yet? I am a dealer and would be happy to ship you one. Let me know!

Holland user since 1992

YE3 I have but thank you.
Captain Steve

ron ashby

I have had a Holland for about 16 years and it's getting a little slow. Is the new Mavarick a good grill?


I recently replaced my old friend--my 16-year-old Classic. Hated tosay goodbye, but it was time. I went with the Wrangler over the Maverick because you can slow-cook in the Wrangler. I like to use water in the drip pan to slow cook ribs. You can't do it in the Maverick. Good luck on finding your new Holland Grill.