Topic Title: Evrything turns black
Created on April 29, 2008 at 12:49 PM

Mike S.

Love the grill, just a little issue I need to figure out. First time I fired up the grill, i let it go for 1.5 hrs to burn off all the fresh paint etc. So far I've made steak once, 1 pizza and 2 chickens. Everything tasted great, but the pizza discolored to a shade of green on the top... from black smoke, and both chickens turned jet black on the outside... Inside it was perfect, but it was jet black... am I doing something wrong?


It sounds like your air-shutter adjustment is too rich(not enough air). This will give you an all yellow/orange flame with black soot.
Try adjusting the air-shutter like the manual says so your flame is mostly blue with small yellow tips. The black soot should then go away.

Mike S.

Thanks Warren, I missed that part in the manual... grill was a wedding gift, so buddies set it up for me, and we started grilling... that sounds right becasue looked as if the flame was yellow when I was grilling on Sunday. I'll give it a shot tonight! Thanks for the help!