Topic Title: Soot on meat
Created on September 21, 2011 at 04:16 PM

TN Vol

I have a 16 yr old Tradition that has been a great grill. Within the past couple weeks when ever I put something on it, like a whole chicken as example or fish, the meat will be covered in a black soot within 5 min of putting it on the grill. I thought it might be the drip pan, but I have cleaned that thoroughly along with both sides of the cooking grid. Now I'm thinking it might be the burner is not burning efficient? Anyone experienced the same issue?

Young Buck

Very simple fix. You need to clean the burner out. It's full of junk. On this site go to support...then trouble shooting...then "black soot on my food" and follow the instruction. Good luck!

Ben B

2X what Young Buck said.
If folks would go to "Trouble-shooting" in the "Support" section when they have a problem, most issues could be solved by following the directions there.