Topic Title: How do you Smoke?
Created on September 21, 2011 at 04:39 PM

I'm looking on line and also in the very skimpy instruction manual that came with my new Holland Heritage Plus. I really want to smoke some salmon and it's not clear how this works. I'd like to avoid using smoke flavoring and just use wood chips. I'm sure I need to turn on the grill, but it gets so hot, I'm afraid to leave it on too long. I'm disappointed that there is not more information about smoking on the site. Maybe I just don't know where to look.


Hey, I was suprised no one got back to you on the smoking. Its easy, just put the wood chips in the little pan (like the rectangualr box that came with the grill or use a little pie plate) place the pan in the upper left corner of the grill under the cooking grid before you turn on the grill. Some grills have a little drawer- I put some in that too- then preheat- the chip should start smoking after the grill meets the temop- that's it! We also tried cooking the food on grilling planks too- but be sure and soak them in water first- happy grillin

Tom Kirkman

Hopefully you're talking about cooking it and adding some smoke flavor. That can be done easily.

If you're talking about the traditional means of cold smoking fish, the Holland isn't the right tool for that job.


I've had a Holland for many years. It's not a true smoker in the traditional sense of smoking something all day long. However, with the wood chips you can add a little smoke flavor while you're grilling. I looked on their website and found this page from the Heritage usermanual about how to use the flavorchips. See if this helps. click on this (you might have to copy and paste it. Good luck!


Sorry........look on page h-7 or page 10 of the pdf to read about the smoke chips.

Tom Kirkman

Great reply - you said it much better than I did. You can get outstanding real wood smoke flavor with the Holland, but you're not actually smoking the meat as you do on low temperature wood pellet or charcoal grills.
Frankly, and yes I do own a Traeger wood pellet grill, my Holland gives me just as much smoke flavor as the Traeger does.


I always had trouble getting the flav-o-bud smoke pellets to smoke. I followed the instructions, placing them in the smoke tray in the far left corner and pre heating the grill for 30 minutes. Most of the time they would only turn black. Finally a Holland rep told me to wet them slightly before placing them in the grill. They will swell slightly.
It works and now I have smoke every time.