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why is the holland grill not listed on consumer reports?

Terry (Illinois)

Well, I guess that Weber is a larger company that has ties to CR. You don't find Holland grills everywhere like Weber's. I'm not sure you will find more loyal customers than Holland's.

Bud, N.C.

That's a good question. I have often wondered the same thing. I thought Holland would be one of the first ones tested. I have owned a holland for 8 years and love it. No problems except that pressure deal from the gas tank (easy fix). I'm pretty lucky too I live about 60 miles from where they make them. Wife thinks it is about time for an Apex.

Joe P.

CR used to list Hollands on their older gas grill reviews. The grill never did well with them - they were testing for cooking/searing steaks and hamburgers and cooking chicken/fish on different temperature settings - something the Holland just doesn't do particularly well.

By the way, they do not accept any advertising so it is unlikely they would be swayed by the size of a company. In fact - they pride themselves on independant, unbiased reveiws.


I saw a very good review of the Holland Grill in the June 2007 Consumer Reports. There are lots of good, ordinary grills out there, but I've yet to find any that cooks such a variety of food that tastes so good and does it so easily--as the Holland. If all you want to do is burn a burger or steak then this is probably not the grill for you. Mine is 12 years old and I'm about to buy my second one.


I have a Tradition and love it, also love my Weber charcoal, and love my smoker too as well.Used to buy Consumer Reports magazine for many years. In 1990 i was in search of a new vehicle. I looked through Consumer Reports and the 1990 Ford Bronco XLT 6 cyl i bought was very low rated on their vehicle ratings.I've only changed quite a few batteries and alternators on that truck and a coupla bulbs since i've owned it. In around 2006 i wrote Consumer Reports and told them how inaccurate their projections were about that particular vehicle and it was almost 17 yrs old at the time.I felt misled by them as they also made a bad judgement on a Bunn coffeemaker i bought and loved it as well. To make a long story short they returned my mail saying ONLY that they would add my comments to their log of history files. What i'm thinking is they probably give the best paying customer the best ratings and don't give a crap about shopping quality for the consumer

Larry Hill

I have had a Weber grill and I currently have a Holland Grill that I have had for 9 years. There is no comparison between the Holland Grill and any other grill including the Weber. In fact, I am on the verge of upgrading to the Apex model. And I anticipate that this one will be listed in my last will and testament. If you want to flame-kiss your food, Holland is not your best bet. But what the Holland Grill does is to cook food evenly and give it that grilled taste. And it has the versatility to be a burner for frying outside and also a steamer. And did I mention that you can sit down with your favorite beverage without having to worry if you have incinerated your food? Go Holland !!!!

Mike R

I don't pretend to be expert about consumer reports - but - having seen there mag over the years it does appear to me that they have not interest in a company that is not mainstream in a "big box" retail chain... they are going for large numbers with their "reviews" which could be considered "opinions"...LOL...

Consumer Reports

That mag is a joke. They look for the positives in the vehicle/item they are biased toward and promote false stereotypes of other products. Let's see, the Holland is American made, so CR would be critical of its "attention to detail" and "fit and finish". All the while they would sing the praises of the disposable import model for having "easy to use well placed control knobs" and an "aesthetically pleasing layout". what a JOKE


My holland reunion is 22+ years old replaced the gasline last spring only part ever replaced and still looks good and cooks GREAT CR has no clue what a good grill is I love mine


Ya for years CR has been telling us that Toyota was a run a way car in it class.... THEY WERE RIGHT it can't stop :):):):) Have a get day fellow Holland lovers!!!


Having listened to (and been burned by) advise from consumer reports,I new use it as a guide to determine what to buy or not buy. If they say something is great, I ignore it. If they say something is crappy, I buy it.
Everything I EVER bought they recommended has been a unreliable piece of crap. Everything the said was no good has functioned flawlessly. I would not go by that left wing wacko magazine's recommendations EVER.


Get the Holland. mine is 14 yrs old, never a problem. I use it 3-4 times a week year end and out, it simply rocks!!

dick p.

Well just bought the Apex, my old holland was 15 yrs. old used it 3-4 times a week year round in pennsylvania. My wife thinks I went overboard but I was that happy with the old grill I might as well go top of the line. I looked at all the other grills out there but I didn'tfind any that suited me like the Holland.
What's the opinion on the Sear-Mate?


Get a sear Mate - you will love it !!


I have owned a holled grill for 10 years. Its an oven on wheels that sits on my deck. There is one rule to using a holland grill. If you are looking your not cooking. The only way to ruin your food is to put your meat on the holland and leave town for the weekend. No joke. If i want to make hotdogs or hambergers i fire up the charcoal grill. Great investment if you like to grill for friends and family while enjoying your favorite beverage. I also recommend the Caralina Seasoning for your steaks. I hope you will enjoy your holland like i have.


the worst grills i ever wasted my 2500 dollars on. after installing grills in my custom built area the grills never got above 350. pulle them out and replaced them with Fire Majic(now thats a grill...


Holland grills are foolproof...I guess we know where the problem lies

Franklin D

Sounds like he was running grills set-up for LP on natural gas. NG gas valve orifices are $3.00 each. Not too bright.


What, pray tell, is "the correct cooking temperature"? How many garden hoses/spray bottles are involved?


Well, if you have a Holland and it is cold and windy, the correct cooking temperature is 250 degrees because that is the most it will heat up to. If it is warm and calm outside, you get another temperature. If it is somewhere in between, so is the grill temperature.
Your question is very valid. What is the correct cooking temperature for all foods and how do you control that on a grill with NO adjustments??? I submit that the same amount of gas does not heat a chamber to the same temperature all day, everyday, and in all conditions. The factory rep actually had to take the grill into a metal pole barn to cook hamburgers and hotdogs at Lanesville, IN open house because of cool and windy conditions. I guess I could take mine into my basement, but I usually grill outside.


While I was eating lunch I came up with a challenge. Go into the Kitchen and tell your wife that you just returned from the appliance store where you bought her a new range top and oven. The oven has only one setting and the burners on the range top are either on or off. Tell her, however, the salesman guaranteed that she would never boil anything over. Tell her the salesman said there is absolutely no needed to adjust the heat, tell her he said all foods cook at those settings. Tell her all that crazy stuff she has been doing turning those knobs up and down since she married you was just foolishness. Tell her that the new items will be a cooler or hotter depending on the weather conditions. Tell her they on the way with it now!!!

If you take the challenge, let me know how your dinner taste that night.

Jack W.

Maybe you have the wrong size orafice. Call Holland they can help.


I didn't read all you jibberish but my supper tastes great. Grilled pork tenderloin with baked potato and jalapeno poppers. 50 minutes. No babysitting the flamethrower. Enjoy your Weber. Don't they have a blog? A website?


He's not going to call. He doesn't want a solution. He has what he needs for his own personal satifaction. Something to complain about.....oh, and a Weber to burn his food.


I'm having a difficult time figuring out WHY he is even still here on the Holland site!!!!!


He's back, with a new name.....Doubter


sorry beleiver i am totally new person that isnt happy with his holland COOKER


Troll. Don't feed the troll


Doubter: What issues are you having? I had a few when I first got my Apex but they had to do with some manufacturing issues. The cooking/grilling part has been sensational. Without a doubt a totally different way to grill but I'd never go back to a flame thrower.

As for the question on the Sear Mate - by all means, get one. For lean cuts of whatever, you can use the Sear Mate for the entire cooking process. For cuts with more fat, I find the best way is to start them on the Sear Mate then finish them inside the Holland.

As for cool and windy days - yes they have some effect but even during this God awful winter we had here in Toledo, OH, my Apex never dropped below 350 on the coldest days I grilled.

As for Consumer Reports, the other poster is correct. That magazine has a definite political lean and I stopped trusting anything they have to say years ago.


SAM !!!!!!! ????? Why do you call me a troll !
Foodie i was wanting a grill Not an outdoor oven ! i am missing my flame kissed meats and veggies! and way to many spices and rubs for my tasts and i was mislead by the place i bought i wanted to slow cook with and i was talked out of buying the proper holland for the job now if want to use to low and slow i am goingt o have to spend about 150 dollars to make it work 1
I see a ceramic smoker/grill in future!


He probably called you a troll because you were acting like one. If you were misled by a Holland Dealer then I understand your predicament. I cannot, however, understand why someone would prefer to fool around lighting a fire in a ceramic cooker, fiddle with dampers till it gets to just the right temp. and smell like a campfire for the rest of the day after cooking on one. If that's you then enjoy your $800 charcoal grill.


Somebody please tell me what you people mean by a troll !
just because i dont drink the holland kool-aid and praise/worship your favorite outdoor COOKER with you bad mouth me and call me names !


Bored? Out of lighter fluid? No? then go play with your charcoal grill


I about my Holland Epic 8/2015, we love how it cooks everything, but we've had nothing buy issues with the regulator (I guess) it was only getting up to about 200 degrees after about 30 mins, someone came to our home and replaced the regulator, worked perfectly. Now, about a year later, we went to use it Memorial Day and didn't heat up past 200 degrees. We're just frustrated because as I said we LOVE the grill it's just that we never know when we light it up if it'll work or not. Anyone else have this issue? We've been through 3 regulators so far and it's not quite 3 yrs old.


You are most likely occasionally turning the gril/tank on and off in the wrong sequence and activating the safety valve in the regulator. Always tank on first, then grill on & light. After cooking, always grill off, then tank off. The regulator safety valve will block off most of the gas to the grill if you don't use this sequence.
I hope you are always turning the tank off after turning the grill off. If not, it is very dangerous to leave the tank on. This can result in a fire or explosion if the hose leaks.


Traeger makes a few nice ones Great customer service. A lot of people complain about smoke flavor but you can just leave it on the smoke setting longer or get an amazing smoke tube. I like them but make sure you can get pellets locally. Pellet grills are great when you work a lot of over time. Rain is a concern but just put a large plastic bag over the pellet hopper. Make sure you don't cover the fan up. It is on the bottom of the pellet hopper. There are times I use it a lot and times I prefer a wsm. The wsm when I have time and the Traeger when I am busy. The Traeger is under rated imo. Probably because people don't learn how to use them to get the results they want. There is a slight learning curve but it's as simple as just leave it on the smoke setting longer or use an amazing smoke tube.

I guess it depends on price range but the Traeger is a good all around grill and smoker. I like kettles too but to smoke with them takes some planning to get the longest burn you can without refueling. It is a good starter grill that can be used as a smoker.

Does he have the time to manage a fire? Is he busy with work a lot? It just depends on his needs.

Traeger for as close to set it and forget it as you can get.

Kettle grill if he has a lot of free time.

Kamado if he can wait for it to warm up but can over shoot temps easily if not careful and it takes a long time for them to come down if you over shoot the temps.

I prefer my Traeger right now because of overtime but my weber go anywhere has gotten a lot of use lately to conserve fuel and I have to come up with meals and deserts that can be done while camping out of a tent. Kind of my New toy. It just depends what you want to do.

Does he grill more or smoke more? Traeger can grill a burger but probably not going to get a sear on a steak.

UDS well they work good and you can probably make a fire basket you can raise up for grilling. They are called ugly for a reason but if you put time into it you can have a pretty one. Not a huge fan myself but mine was built on he cheap and built to be truly ugly as sin. My wife does not care for it.


Gigs up with your balloon juice. I have seen this identical post (verbatim) on numerous grill forums. BTW posted with multiple different usernames the latest name on another forum is "Span"
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