Topic Title: Grill Cover
Created on November 5, 2011 at 11:53 AM


We bought an Apex - which we LOVE - and bought the Holland Grill cover to go with it - which we don't love. It does not cover the entire grill - about a foot off the ground which the wind gets under and blows the cover off. Other than buying a new cover - does anyone have a tip to keep the darn thing on? thanks

Bob Allen

Use bungee cords.


Buy the Marine grade one!!!


Thanks - do you mean a Holland marine grade cover (I only see the canvas cover on the website - the one I purchased) or a marine grade cover in general?


TerryO - just spotted an older post that you replied to for the same subject. Thanks for the advice - I'll head out to Lowes or wherever and buy a new cover... $45 bucks down the drain but lesson learned.