Topic Title: Epic heat setting
Created on January 1, 2012 at 07:59 PM


Just brought home the grill, the operators manual said to adjust the air shutter so that only a hint of yellow is present in the flame. I adjusted so and fired up for a 30 min. break in. The temp rose to over 475 which is way over the green area on the temp gauge. Normal or not?? Open and close the lid to put in burgers and flip them and it stays in the green I guess. Working on T-bones tonight, about 14 min. flip and another 10 for well done?

Tom Kirkman

My Apex settles in at about 420R to 430F. Takes about 8 minutes per side for 1-ich thick T-bones.

I think you're running a bit hot.

@ Aaron

Your temp is normal for a new grill. After you get it seasoned by cooking a few times, it should settle down to the 450 +- range. Back off just a bit on your cooking times until it gets seasoned.


Thanks for the reply. Made some really nice t-bones last night.


Believe it or not, but all high end steak houses cooking the best steak cuts only use a grill to mark the outside, they cook those steaks in an oven! I know, I once worked for a well known NY steak house! What you're doing on the Holland is very similar to what the better steak houses do.