Topic Title: suggestion for Holland
Created on January 6, 2012 at 07:58 PM

Tom Kirkman

I've noticed that having a clean drip pan is extremely important in maintaining proper grill temperature. Even a fairly light coating of grease ad crud on my drip pan lowers the cooking temp on my Apex by 30F. A buddy of mine has experienced the exact same thing on his Epic.

The Holland drip pan is a little hard to keep clean owing to its shape. I've tried lining it with aluminum foil, but again, owing to its shape this is somewhat difficult. And, if you don't get a tight fit of the foil to the pan, the foil acts as an insulator and also reduces your cooking temperature.

What I've been thinking, is that Holland might consider offering some drip pan liners. Very thin foil form liners that perfectly conform to the pan. You could several "cooks" out of a single liner before just tossing and replacing it.

I'd certainly buy a stock of them!


That's actually not a bad idea. I just wonder how it would possibly affect the cooking temperature, which is a Holland "trademark". If it could be done successfully, I say it's a great idea!


I agree that the condition of the drip pan influences temperature. What’s not clear to me is what the “proper grill temperature” is. My grill (steel Tradition with replacement aluminum drip pan) runs at about 430-440 degrees when the drip pan is pristine, and runs at about 400-410 degrees when the drip pan is clean but slightly coated with residue (i.e. black vs. shiny). In my case 440 degrees is too hot; I get better results when the temperature is closer to 400 degrees. So, a liner would be nice for purposes of cleaning, but would not be desirable if it caused a temperature rise.

Tom Kirkman

It definitely would not cause a rise in temperature. Worst case scenario is a drop in temp, but that isn't likely to be more than a few degrees provided the liners fit precisely to the drip pan.

I've already tried lining my pan with aluminum foil and it has almost no effect on temp (-5F at most) but due to the shape of the pan and drip tunnel, it's a bear to do this well. Takes a lot of time.

I have a Traeger and the manufacturer recommends lining their drip pan with foil to facilitate cleaning. But, their drip pan is completely flat so lining it with foil is a 30 second operation.

The Holland needs a form fitting drip pan liner, in my opinion.


Have you considered pulling the drip try and just using a pressure washer? Or lacking one of one, the local car wash? Should be pretty easy to get clean that way.

Tom Kirkman

Yes I've tried, but it takes a lot more than that. A liner would be so easy that it's almost a no-brainer.


I have a scraper that fits in the pan great.
I measured the size of the slot in the pan and went to lowes and got a paint scraper that fits.
i have a bigger one for the 2 big sides of the pan.
I jsut push the crud to the center slot, then use the smaller one to scoop it out.
works great for me.

Tom Kirkman

I started lining my pan with thin aluminum foil. Take a few minutes because of the shape of the pan and the fact that you have to piece some of the foil together. But the temperature has been unaffected and now I'll never have to clean the pan again. Just cook for a couple weeks and then swap out the foil.


I use a puddy knife and a old shotgun cleaning brush to clean the drain pipe works great.


That's too much trouble jblake. We want to line our pans with foil so we don't have to brush or scrape. Next we'll be installing an electric element on top of the foil to keep from having to bend over and turn on the propane. Sheesh!!


oooh. good idea. I love the thought of a disposable alum. liner that fits the drip pan. then I can toss it in the recycling bin.

bernie 223

Yeah. I really like my holland bgrill- my wife got me the cookbook for christmas and it's got a lot of good stuff in it. I like the drip pan liner idea- also what is this I hear about a dvd about the Holland - does any one know where I can get one?

suzi q

actually, I just broke down and ordered a new drip pan, combined with a new grid it looks great- from now on I will line the pan with heavy duty foil- but its nice to know you can get parts that make your Holland look brand new-


Best cleaning I have found is Purple Power degreaser. Owned a Stainless Holland for 25 years. Only replaced gas line only once.


Like Mr. Kirkman I have a Holland and a Traeger. I like the formed foil idea and wished the Traeger had an easier way to clean the ashes out of the flash pot. Any grill has its quirks. In my humble opinion, with today's seasonings, an 18 quart roaster is $50 with pretty much the same results.


I hav two scrapers, wide for most and a 1 inch or the trough, and Metal shish kabob skewer for the drain pipe. While the grill is heating up or after cooking, just scrape it! Takes 5 minutes!

Grill Man

A better idea would be to go with a Drip pan similar to the Maverick drip pan, but give it the depth it needs to hold a gallon of water,then on the under side mount a nipple to it and use a 3/4 X 8 threaded pipe instead of the pipe assembly that's used on the Maverick. In other words, it would be a Hybrid of the 2 drip pans without the aggravating deep channel and could be closed off to hold the gallon of water need for steaming!

moon pie

Holland Grills give the meat a special flavor and part of that is due to the drippings hitting the super hot drip pan without foil or a liner acting as a buffer. In fact the messier the pan, the better the taste IMHO. Of course you reach a danger point and I'd never want to cross that line.