Topic Title: Which to buy?
Created on January 28, 2012 at 09:22 PM


Plan on buying a Holland, but which one? Dealer told me they all cook the same, so why buy the most expensive? I'm leaning toward the wrangler. Any thoughts or suggestions?


I don't reply often, but here we go. One night I was grilling chicken breasts, skin on, on a "inferior" gas grill. Because of flareups, the meal was barely edible. The next day I bought a Holland, the Maverick model. I can honestly say this purchase was one of the best moves ever for my home and my family. Pretty much anything that can be cooked, will turn out beyond your expections! I will load the grill with cornish hens, baked potatos, and the pot pie sized apple pies for dessert all at once. Amazing! A key add to for me is the trays to smoke the flavored pellets. Because grilling on the Holland is all about timing, the Holland cookbook is a must buy! I also keep a log of of what I'm cooking, when, and the outside temp. That last variable is a huge factor up here in Wisconsin in January. I'm sure Epic and Apex owners will chime in, but I just love my Maverick!!I have 5 in my family, and after cooking outside, and sitting down, at least one will say "another GREAT meal on the Holland"!! Amen to that.

@ Ken

RMP is right, they all are the same size & cook the same, except the Companion is smaller of course.
The lowest price Maverick won't hold water in the drip pan, so it won't steam like the other three models. It also does not have the convenient chip drawer in the front like the other models, but you can put chips in a little tray in the back of the drip pan, so it will smoke. All internal stuff is the same.
Buy as high up as you can afford. You will get your moneys worth.


I am, at present, debating whether to ante up for the Maverick or the Wrangler.
My biggest dilemma is whether the "slow cooking" feature & "built-in vs separate box" for smoking is worth the price difference -- anybody had any experience with both??
So far I haven't found a good explanation of the physical/working difference between these features to really tell me anything.
Thanks for any input from anybody's experience!!


Hey Freedomnut, I'm back with short reply. Item #1. As Ken said, yes I'm sure the built in chip drawer is convenient.But I bought a tray from the Holland Co. that I use in one corner. Obtained a small aluminum baking tray from a rummage sale in the other corner. No grill space is compromised because the trays rest on the drip pan, below the grill. As far as having the ability to steam (slow cook), Iv'e never had that option, so I don't miss it. I'm sure it has it's place and time. The Wrangler came out after I bought my Maverick. Before making this post, I checked on the price difference between the two, and that came to $119 on a cetain web site. Me personally, I couldnt justfy the added expenditure. But thats just me!! Just my 2 cents worth Happy grillin

Tom Kirkman

I don't know if this would be worth the extra money to you or not, but the advantage of the chip drawer is that you can fill it and leave it out, until the grill is preheated. Then slide it in when you put your food on. It will begin smoking in a couple minutes and really do the job. On looking cooking sessions, you can withdraw and refill it as often as you want.

With the chip tray, you put it in before you fire up the grill. Most often, the smoke is over and done with by the time the grill is preheated. If you need to add more pellets, it's a bit hard to do since you have to open the grill, remove the hot tray, refill and reinstall.

Although it sounds like a small thing, over time it might be worth the extra money to have a grill with the drawer.

Tom Kirkman

"looking" should be "longer." Sorry.


Or you could put the chip tray on TOP of the cooking grid and it will smoke just the same. When it stops smoking you can refill and replace it. Having used Holland grills with and without the drawer, I can comfortably say there is NO benefit to the drawer over the trays.