Topic Title: Drain pipe clogged
Created on May 4, 2008 at 04:26 PM


We've had our Holland (classic) for over 10 years and 3 moves and still love it. Unfortunately, we don't give it enough TLC and the drain pipe is clogged. Any solutions how to unclog? I promise to take better care of it in the future!! Thanks for any suggestions.


Hey brother's Holland is 12 years old. Same thing happened to him--it can get like cement in there if you don't clean it. He just got a new pipe at the hardware store....I think it was 8 inches long and 1/2 inch in diameter.


BigGrillah is right. I bought a new drain pipe at my local Ace Hardware recently. Under $2. I plan on changing mine annually. I just took the old pipe in & they matched it for me. I also sprayed High Temp Pam inside the pipe when it was new, cleans much easier now.


When the drain pipe on my grill clogged, I made sure the valve was open all the way and used a bent coat hanger to clean it out. Worked pretty well and no parts needed.


Thank you all for your suggestions! We FINALLY got the parts disassembled and purchased a new drip pipe. We will be sure to do this annually (okay - maybe every two years!).


My Classic has the same problem, but I've never had to buy a new chunk of pipe. I've got a 30" piece of 1/4" steel rod, which will break loose most clogs. Then I fill the drip tray with water, let it boil, or just pour boiling water in, then open the drain valve all the way. The hot water cleans it perfectly.

Mike in Slayton, MN

What a friend and I use on ours is a shotgun barrel steel brush. we have an old one, and we hook it up to a cordless drill, and the pipe is like new!


I have found that if you leave the valve open during
cooking it will not clog!!

@ Joe & all

You MUST leave the drain valve open during cooking. If you allow grease to buildup in the pipe, you are almost assured of a flare up in the drip pan. Remember, the drain pipe is exposed to the heat from the burner under the drip pan.
The only time you close the drain valve is when you are steaming with water in the drip pan.


Thanks for the idea of the shotgun wire brush to clean the drain pipe, Mike. We just purchased an Apex & after reading your suggestion I went got a shotgun brush to keep our drain pipe clean. For what this grill cost, I figured that regular maintenance will make it last for years & years. Fingers crossed!



New pipes are $1.89 at my local Ace Hardware. I clean all internals & screw on a fresh pipe annually. Use high temp Pam or other BBQ grill non-stick spray in the drip pan & down the pipe to make them easier to clean.