Topic Title: Charcoal fan tastes Holland food!
Created on February 9, 2012 at 05:45 PM

Tom Kirkman

I have a friend who believes that if you're not cooking on a charcoal flame thrower, you're not grilling. So I treated him to sample steak on the Holland grill. A 2-inch thick prime filet cooked (not seared) on the Holland grill. 12 minutes per side.

You may have trouble hearing his response, so listen carefully. If you still can't hear, he's saying that he doesn't really need a knife to cut it with, and that this Holland cooked steak, is the first real steak he's ever eaten. "This is the ONE!"


Tom, I did the same thing to a diehard charcoal man. After he finished he said, "Now that's the way a steak ought to taste." It's funny to watch their conversion.