Topic Title: A DVD about the Holland?
Created on February 11, 2012 at 09:30 PM

Cathy K 347

I heard there was a free dvd that we could get with recipes, tips and extra info. Someon said there was like A Holland Cooking show on it- does any one know how I can get one?


I know there is one for the dealers but am not aware of one they make for distribution.

@ Cathy

Most of the info on the DVD is on the web-site videos. The videos link is at the bottom of this page.

Tom Kirkman

One thing worth mentioning about the company videos - they often show the Holland grill lid open for long periods of time (minute or more). This isn't what you want to do.

Once you get the Holland pre-heated, when you raise the lid to put the food on, or to flip something, you want to do this very quickly. Much of the time I only crack the lid enough to slip the food in, never opening it all the way until the food is done and ready to come off.

Every time you open the lid you lose heat and the Holland cools. The longer the lid is open, the more heat you lose and the cooler the Holland gets. Such heat loss greatly increases cooking time and leads to less than consistent meals.

Like Holland says, when you're looking you're not cooking. And likewise, when the lid is open, you're not cooking.

Tom Kirkman

I added this quick youtube video for those who wonder about how long to have the lid open when you add or flip food.

Obviously, the more food, the longer the lid will be open for any such action, but the Holland videos are a bit misleading (I know they're trying to show the food) when they show the grill lid up and open for minutes at a time. It's detrimental for the quickest and most consistent cooking results.

suzi q

I have a really slow computer and can't do the utube thing- can we just buy the cooking dvd?