Topic Title: Wireless thermometer problem
Created on February 26, 2012 at 12:33 PM


My wireless thermometer was working fine, then it lost the signal. The temp flashes "---" and a 1 in a box displays at the left side of the screen. Changed batteries, no change. Any thoughts?


This may not be your solution but I found that rechargeable batteries will not work in the transmitter and receiver because they do not produce as high a voltage as a set of Duracell or Energizer non rechargeable batteries.I also found that cheap batteries aren't worth considering because they don't last very long.If this is not your solution, give Holland a call, as they have probably dealt with this situation before.
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I recently bought a wireless thermometer, and within a couple of uses I am having trouble with it. displays HHH ,
Does anybody know what this means? To expensive to be having problems after only using twice.


I have found cheap batteries do not work for very long if at all. I use alkaline & usually Duracell. I put new non-alkaline in mine & it worker thru one pork roast then quit.


I have found also that you need to have good batteries in both units. I use Duracil but others are just as good.

Scott D

I run into problems with the probes failing after about a season reading HHH. I have a draw full of thermometers wired and wireless (all seem to be made by Taylor)that I need to order new wires/probes for once I identify which model I have, about $6 each. Can't imagine cooking anything without one.


I have tried the new batteries & good batteries, still not working. I guess back to my walmart brand that was not as expensive and lasted couple of years. I thought going with one with the remote would be a good feature. But if only work a couple of times it wasn't worth it.

@ concerned

Have you even tried calling Holland?
HHH means the PROBE has failed. It either got too hot or the probe was pulled out of the meat by grabbing the wire, which is a no-no. Holland usually has extra probes. Call them.