Topic Title: Temp dropping
Created on March 1, 2012 at 09:40 PM


Ok can someone help me out with a problem I seem to be having with my Holland grill. I have an Apex and I noticed that after I put the food on it to cook the temperature drops down. I always let it heat up to 400 degrees and just as soon as I put the food on it the temp goes down 20 to as much as 40 degrees. Any input or suggestions how to fix this would be appreciated.

Young Buck

The food brings the temp down. Your thermometer is reading the temp between the flame and the food. Your grill seems to be performing just fine.


The lid guage is measuring what is exiting the top of the grill. If you placed a 20lb. turkey on you grill, it would drop the guage temp. 100 degrees. A more accurate reading would be at the grid. I beleave your grill is working normally.

Tom Kirkman

I think you're fine. Any time you open the lid the temp will quickly drop by 50F or more (depends on how long you keep the lid open). Once the food is added and the lid closed, the temp should rise again, although not quite all the way to where it was when you had it thoroughly pre-heated.

I would suggest that when you place food on the grill, or flip it, just crack the lid far enough to get the job done. Get in and quickly get back out. This will preserve as much heat as possible and result in more consistent cooking times.