Topic Title: Maverick drip pan
Created on March 4, 2012 at 01:55 PM

Scott D

As I continue to look for a replacement for my 18 year old heritage, I came across the Maverick which is in my current budget. I know the drip pan is 1 of the main differences (no steaming). I also know the drip pan is one of the 1st (if only) things needing replacement in the grills life. I'm concerned that with the Maverick being a "Limited" model that a replacement drip pan will thus be limited in future production as well.

I never steamed food before but did follow recommendations on this blog to use steam to assist with cleaning. Not sure how important of an upgrade that would be for the extra $$.

Also, anyone run into a Turkey problem on this grill because of the top shape and position the bird needs to be placed.

Just a few questions to make sure I buy the right model.

Scott D