Topic Title: New Grill weld problem
Created on March 10, 2012 at 03:11 PM


Just ordered a Maverick grill last week and went to use it for the first time this morning to cook some ribs. I started to fill the drip pan with liquid and it leaked all over. Turns out there is a gap in the weld between the threaded pipe insert and the drip pan. Is this something I can use J-B Weld or a similar product to fill the hole? Or should I just send it in for repair? J-B Weld is only rated to 500 degrees which probably isn't enough, but there are other products I found which are rated to 1000 degrees. Is that enough? I know the obvious answer is to just send it in for repair/replacement but I have these beautiful ribs that don't want to be burnt to a crisp on my old grill! :-)

Arthur M

If you actually have a Maverick (BH421AG6), this is the one model that is not designed to hold water & steam. There is no shut-off valve at the end of the pipe.

If you have a Wrangler (BH421AG7) & it is new, call Holland. If the drip pan is defective, they will most likely replace it. You will need model number, serial number & date of purchase.


Oops, I misstated. It is indeed a Wrangler. Thanks I'll give them a call.


To conclude, I called Holland Grill support and after I supplied my serial number and explained the problem, they immediately shipped me a new drip pan. They don't even want me to send the old one back. Awesome customer support! Thanks!