Topic Title: Heritage plus
Created on March 13, 2012 at 07:32 PM


Can anybody remember when they discontinued this model? I found a new one for sell that a deal has that has not been sold yet.Any thoughs for anybody that uses this model on how the grill preforms for them

Thanks to all .

Franklin D

Get the serial number off the front & call Holland. They can tell you when that particular grill was manufactured. They can also verify whether it actually is a Heritage Plus & not the earlier Heritage.


Good idea , does anybody know have an idea what the grill cost new, or before it got discontinued ?


@ Bud

I think the Heritage Plus was discontinued 2/3 years ago. That model had the aluminum bottom & internal parts like the current grills. It should perform & cook just like the newer grill models.


Bud, I bought mine about 6 years ago assembled at the local appliance shop for about 700.00. Absolutely love it. It's not fancy looking but thats one of the things I love about it. Its unique. Since I bought this grill, the Weber sits all alone in the far corner of the deck. I just don;t have the heart to put it behind the shed......yet. Not sure what price your dealer is asking but if you can get it for below what I paid, grab it. I have zero problems with mine, and this is Minnesota. I cook on it all year round, about 340 days a year! Good luck.