Topic Title: Hitch Cargo Carrier
Created on March 20, 2012 at 05:40 PM

Felix Figueroa, Jr.

I'm interested in a carrier. I learned of yours through the Camping World website. I am sold on the quality and convenience of your product. As much as I would like to purchase one, I fear it will not be compatible with the vehicles I will use it on. It will sit to low. I plan to attach it to a Honda Odyssey and Toyota Camry. As it is, the bottom of my hitch will sometimes scrape on the pavement because cars sit so low the ground nowadays. I can't imagine having an additional 24" to 30" hanging from my hitch and how much it would scrape. I noticed some of the other carrier manufacturers offer a rise on the flank shaft. Have you considered that or is it an available option? I don't know if I could wait to much longer,but I really would prefer your carrier.