Topic Title: grill blows flame out and now it wont light
Created on March 27, 2012 at 10:00 PM


last night i lit my holland classic 2 to make some steaks. i went outside a few mins later to look at the temp and the flame had blown out. i lit the grill again and watched it for a minute or two and again the flame blew out. i did this process around ten times and ended with the same result. the propane tank was full. today i took the burner and everything apart and cleaned some rust out and washed it out good. out it all back together and now it wont light at all. just a sputter of a flame and then it goes out. i have adjusted the air flow and everything and just cant get it to light and stay light. this is the only problem that i have ever encountered with this grill. any ideas or suggestions???

@ Austin

Assuming you have the original hose/regulator, change it to a new one. The only other possibility is a blockage in the gas valve (behind the orifice).
BTW-The proper way to clean out the burner is to remove the gas valve & vacuum out the burner from the front of the grill. Don't take it out of the grill.


ok thanks for your help. i will try that