Topic Title: Classic II not getting up to temperature
Created on March 28, 2012 at 03:10 PM


I've inherited a Holland classic II, cleaned it up and LOVE the way it cooks. Just have one issue...after the second or third round, I'm having trouble getting the low setting up to 300 degrees and the high up to 400. I've only had the high on up to 400 once and that was when I heated it and let it run for about an hour to "clean" it up a bit. The air shutter is full open (still producing a bit of a yellow tip but mostly blue), the gas tank is full (only a couple of uses out of it. I noticed the flame underneath is pretty susceptible to minor wind. Could just the flame flickering be causing my lack of temp? Should I clean the burner system to remove potential debris? Where should I start?


You are not getting enough gas to the burner. Try a regulator reset. If that doesn't help, you may have a blockage in the gas valve.
If all else fails, call Holland for help.


The fact that you apparently have an adjustable gas valve (High-Low settings) indicates that you have a very early Classic II, manufactured in the late 90's.
These valves were troublesome. I would recommend you order a new gas style gas valve. You can do that online or call Holland so they can order for you. Also, on a grill that old, be sure you vacuum out the inside of the burner from the front of the grill while you have the old val;ve off.