Topic Title: Drain valve
Created on April 13, 2012 at 01:02 AM


I just got my Holland grill and I'm not sure how to close the drain valve if I want to use the drip pan to steam. I see the brass fitting on the end of the pipe but not sure what to do next.


if handle is straight down the valve is open give it 1/4 turn so the handle is sideways then the valve will be closed fill drip pan with pre heated water that will cut down on warm up time your ready to steam


Thanks Dave. I'll give that a try.

Tom Kirkman

Mine came with a butterfly handle that would not allow me to install it on the drain pipe. I had to acquire the same valve with a straight handle in order to screw it onto the drain pipe. It's a hardware store item. Just in case yours is similar - here's your answer.