Topic Title: big blow
Created on April 19, 2012 at 03:55 PM

marty sutton

Why does my grill blow when ignitor switch is pushed.Big bomb like noise what could be wrong or replaced.Ive had my Hollandgrill for 7 yrs. now....concerned M.S.


You are allowing gas to build up in the bottom of the grill before it lights. If it doesn't light immeadiately, turn the gas off & wait at least 5 minutes before trying again. I hope you are lighting it with the lid open.
Weak spark from the ignitor or weak gas flow to the burner.
Get it fixed before you hurt yourself!

Floyd A

If you have not performed any maintenance on the grill in 7 years, it's time to do so. A new igniter replacement lit is $25 & a burner clean-out is free if you do it yourself.
Plenty of info on this web-site in the "Support" section to get you started.

Tom Kirkman

Yes, you probably have a weak or intermittent spark. So it doesn't light when you first hit the button, and then by the time you push it a few times and get it to spark, too much gas has built up in the grill bottom. Propane is heavier than air and will settle inside and at the bottom of the grill body.


Open the lid and find the igniter tip through the hole in your grill face (the one you check your flame with). Strike the igniter and make sure that the spark is making a good size jump to the burner. Sometimes the spark can be intermittent and not ignite the gas the first time. Then you have a build-up of gas when you continue to strike and then Boom. If you are not getting a good spark, pull the igniter out and spread the two tips to 1/4" apart and re-install. You should have a strong spark for your gill. Gas on, 1,2,3 strike is my motto.