Topic Title: Used Legacy ... "Just grilling"
Created on May 8, 2008 at 10:15 PM


I just purchased a Legacy from siezed and confiscated products from Metro P D. Wow, did those drug dealers cook a lot, and not clean. Paid $161, no handle though. After 2 hours of cleaning it looks like brand new, no kidding. the stainless steel is perfect. I fired up burgers, fillet, salmon steaks, and towards the end shrimp. Amazing, this has to be the best design I've ever seen. I now cook (the best tasting grilled food) by using the stop watch on my phone. (Yea my phone even has SOS that can be seen a mile away, plus a stop watch, ha ha). Grilling has never been this good. Put the food on and go get a cold one, walk around the house, blow the side walk, go the bathroom, talk on the phone, sweep the garage, and oh my favorite one....Go talk to my neighbor and when he asks, "what up" I just look over at those two beatiful smoke stacks bellowing out smoke and reply, "Just grilling". Oh yea, the no flare ups makes me smile every time. Thanks Holland for making such a joyful product, and thanks Nashville vise for busting another drug dealer.

Terry ( Illinois )

Cooking on my Holland grill is my drug. Well put my friend!