Topic Title: paint- red grill paint
Created on May 10, 2008 at 12:54 AM


We replaced the bottom of the grill - it now looks new and we would like to put a fresh coat of paint on the top - our grill is red and we are having trouble locating red grill paint - any suggestions???


Cheryl--We made the red and green Limited Edition grills several years ago and used a local body shop to paint the lids with a clear-coat finish. I would recommend you check with a local shop that paints cars, etc. I doubt if you will find high temp paint on the shelf. They can sand blast your grill top and give it a showroom appearance.


If you want to paint it yourself, you can buy spray cans of high heat engine paint in your auto parts store. They have several colors including red. I repainted my old Holland with black engine paint 3 years ago. It still looks new.


Thank you for your response. I found 1200 degree paint in red at a NAPA store - color matched the original and with the new bottom kit the grill looks new! We also replace the side counter shelf piece with a cutting board - a white hard plactic type cutting board from Sams - it works and looks great. Very easy to do.


vht makes high heat paint,used for paint headers on cars.