Topic Title: Line From Nat'l Gas Supply
Created on June 5, 2012 at 11:08 PM


Just a quick question, I received the Apex Grill today and I'm going to assemble it tomorrow morning which won't be a problem at all but I would like to know if a 1/2" supply line will be adequate? I think it will be since as a kid I remember 3/8" tubing to our heater and if I'm not mistaken, the cooking range.

Incidentally, I am surprised at how little the Apex weighs, it seems cheap but time will tell.

Tom Kirkman

It's not "cheap." What's there is needed and what's needed is there. I just steamed some scallops on mine and they were outstanding. I've quit going to restaurants - they simply disappoint me now that I have a Holland.


Yeah tom, I'm tired of going out to eat and paying to get sick, it's better to eat at home. One has cleaner and better food and often leftovers for the next day or to take to work. Food standards at restaurants have slacked off a bit over the past several years it seems.


I'll use the 1/2" black gas pipe.