Topic Title: Using a Sear mate
Created on June 6, 2012 at 02:22 PM


I purchased a new Epic about two mos.ago & i love it..the question wife bought me a Sear mate a few days ago i have not put it on...i'm not sure if i want to use it i have read pros & cons about searing a steak..for those of you that have one or have used one do you like it & would you recommend or not recommend one...i know this is a matter of opinion but i would like some opinions...I have cooked a few steaks on the grill & they are very juicy & tender...they were not seared.

Thank you

Tom Kirkman

I have tried mine several times and won't use it again.

Yes it does what it's supposed to. It's well made and operates perfectly. But all that high heat does is just dry out your food. Who cares about "burn" marks on the outside of the steak?

If you try it, and since you have one you might as well, I'd limit the "searing" to just 30 seconds per side. Then finish on the Holland and remove about 4 minutes of the total cooking time.

Frankly, my steaks come out much, much, much juicer without using the searmate. I'm just not convinced that "searing" actually seals in any juices. Maybe on a regular grill it would be fine, but on the Holland, it's just not necessary. My opinion.


I retrofitted the searmate on my 14 year old Classic cheaper than getting the stainless one for my Legacy.

I like the Searmate. Not sure the thickness of the steaks Tom grills but I won't even fire up any of the grills I own unless the steak is is an inch and a quarter thick or thicker. The Searmate excels their in my opinion.

With all that said I still get a better steak off of my Phoenix grill (Holland knock off). Not sure why but all my family mmembers insist the steaks be done on that grill so I have not been getting the utiliation out of the Searmate that I should.

Not to dis Holland it is a winner hands down on every other thing I grill on my gassers which include the Phoenix, AOG, and Weber. Smoking food I still like my three ceramics.

Tom Kirkman

Most of my steaks are filets or T-bones about 1-1/2 to 2 inches thick. I just don't find that charring the outside adds anything to the taste, and it sure doesn't make the steak juicer than one cooked solely on the Holland. All the stuff about searing the outside to seal in the juices isn't necessary on the Holland - steaks come out extra juicy on the Holland regardless of a "sear."

Of course, this sort of thing is very subjective. Depends on what you're used to or what you're trying to achieve. We don't all like the same thing.

Dave Easley

We have had the Searmate on our Apex for a short while and are still experimenting. We cut a Rib eye in two and cooked half on the Holland only and half started on the Searmate and finished in the Holland. As Tom said, to have both finish at the same time, you need to start the one on the Holland about 4 minutes before you start to sear the other. We seared each side for 30 seconds, turning 90 degrees after 15 seconds and flipping to the other side after 30 seconds to put cross hatch sear marks on the steak. We put temperature probes into each steak and removed the steaks at 160 degrees. The internal temp rose to 163 after removal, and then began to fall. We let the Searmate continue to run for about 8 minutes, after removing the steak, to clean itself.

The searing does give the steak the flavor of the seared meat. Some people may really like that special flavor. It may not be that special to others. I am not sure if the searing dries the meat slightly or if it just gives it a slightly different texture. The Holland-only steak is juicy and tasty but, of course, does not have the additional taste of seared meat. Both are good steaks. We are still experimenting and can’t say we prefer one over the other because they have a slightly different flavor based on how they were cooked. As Tom pointed out, taste is very subjective. For those who complained they couldn’t sear a steak with the Holland, the Searmate is the perfect accessory.

Even among professional chefs there is no agreement as to whether searing is the best way to cook. It’s a matter of personal taste. Some people put seasoning, marinade and steak sauce on a Rib eye. I can’t imagine putting anything on a good steak other than butter and salt. It’s your mouth; do what tastes good to you.


Thanks to all of you for your opinion on the searmate i have not tried it it is still in the box & i am taking it back tomorrow. The steaks i have cooked on the Holland & not searing i find to be very juicy & tasteful & i have read articles On this & i have come to the conclusion that grilling a steak is the best.