Topic Title: Home underground propane tank
Created on June 23, 2012 at 02:12 AM


Can I connect my Holland grill to the supply line of the propane tank for my house? I'm tired of refilling the 30 lb portable tanks. Greg

@ Greg

If your grill is now set-up for propane, you will need a house shut-off valve somewhere near the grill & a 3/8" straight through gas supply hose from that shut-off to the grill. You will not be using the short hose & regulator that came with the grill. Your big tank should already be regulated, but anytime you make a change, monitor your temperatures for awhile.


BE SURE TO HOOK IT UP AFTER THE REGULATOR!!! My regulator is located on the side of my house much the same as a natural gas meter & regulator would be, just much smaller. I had my builder but a nipple just inside my basement where the pipe goes thru the wall so I could hook mine up.


Keep it simple. You need (1) 11" water column pressure regulator in the line from the tank to the grill. No more, no less.