Topic Title: Small explosion -- any grill damage?
Created on July 20, 2012 at 12:28 AM


Well, did something stupid -- fired up the grill, went to get my burgers, and when I got back I noticed the flame wasn't lit. Wasn't thinking and tried to light it again... FWOOM! Nice little explosion, rocked the lid open a bit. Lesson learned, always light with the lid open and let it clear 5 mins if it doesn't light the first time :P

My main question is whether or not I could have done any damage to the grill. I have a Wrangler. Cooked my burgers just fine, and nothing seems out of place... I just don't know if there is anything I should check to make sure the explosion didn't screw up.

Thanks all... please forgive my brain fart :P


First off glad you are okay!!!!!

Think you might have answered your own quetion seeing how you grilled on it after you recovered from the "blast".

I would still give the grill a good looking over. I'm not familiar witht the Wrangler but I'd take the drip pan out and give it a look-see and also check that the rubber gas line from the tank/regulator did not shift into a position that it will now be possible to come in contact with a hot surface.

You are absolutely correct never light a grill with the lid closed. Always light with lit open and if it fails to light purge before relighting.