Topic Title: Cleaning of the cooking grid
Created on July 24, 2012 at 02:39 PM


Just wanted to ask how some of you clean the cooking grid. I've heard some just use the standard wire brush like you would with a normal grill. Looking for some feedback.


@ Chris

The cooking grid is stainless, so it doesn't need a lot of cleaning. Most of the time, just a brush off before cooking.
If you want a total clean, put it in a trash bag & spray with oven cleaner, then tie the bag so it is air-tight. Leave it in the bag for a day or two, then hose it off. I tend to do this about once per year.


I use to clean mine when I would have my pressure washer out, but I didn't want to drag it out just for that the last time it needed cleaning, so I just used a brillo pad and water. It very easy to clean ! With very little scrubbing I had it looking almost brand new in about 5 mins or less.


Purple Power degreaser works great. Spray on cold grill, do not let it dry, soak for 10 -15 min, respray if necessary. Hose off. Had my Holland Grill for 25 + years.