Topic Title: Family grill off
Created on August 15, 2012 at 03:09 AM


Hi our family is having a reunion and one of the days we are going to have a chicken grill off. The others competing are dye hard charcoal and have smokers. I want to show up with my Holland and compete. I NEED A RECIPE. I looked at the Holland cook book and nothing for chicken is tempting enough to cook at a competition. I want a winning recipe if some of you can offer one.


Matt--I have used this very simple recipe many times on wings and chicken quarters and people can't say anything because they're too busy eating. Use wings, chicken quarters, legs, thighs, etc and season liberally with Hollands carolina seasoned salt. I've used a vinegar-based sauce that I bought locally but now use the Batch 487 bbq sauce holland sells (I live in North Carolina and its easily available at stores that sell Holland). Chicken parts will take about 25 minutes per side and I brush each side with the sauce, putting it on a little heavier after turning the first time. Literally, this is the best chicken I've ever eaten. The vinegar-based sauce is important and can be used early in the cooking as it won't burn. Good luck.


Matt I'm with Carl. I'd do fryer leg quarters. They are awesome on the Holland. Spice to your liking. Sauce some leave some naked so folks can really appreciate the crispy skin.

I have more grills than the law should allow (gassers, charcoal,too include a Competiton Southern Yankee Rotis cooker and nothing makes chicken better than the Holland.

I did a volunteer cook for a retirement home smoked a couple of Boston butts and Hams. To get the folks in the mood I loaded up my 3 full sized Hollands with Fryer Leg Quarters and the folks loved them. I jokingly got 3 proposal for marriage. I have dropped off chicken a few times since and the folks really appreciate it.


Maybe also try something unique that can be done on a Holland. I just grilled bacon and made the best BLT's.


Thank you guys. I do love the Carolina seasoning and use it as much as "Johnny's" seasoning. I'm stuck on Sweet Baby Ray's sweet and spicy BBQ sauce and buy it by the case. lol. However the 487 sauce (whoever came up with that name) sounds good. Going to have to try it soon.
I'm not looking for a marriage proposal while at a family reunion but you never know. I also leave a few naked (chicken that is) to give some a healthy choice, skinless also. I was also trying to think of a side dish, maybe the BLT would work as a slider.
Again thank you guys I appreciate it.