Topic Title: new grill
Created on August 27, 2012 at 11:39 PM


just got me a new apex, any tips and recipies would be appreciated


Give fryer leg quarters a whirl. My opinion Holland Grills excel in the "barnyard strutter" arena.

What time is dinner?????

Tom Kirkman

Chicken wings are easy and outstanding on the Holland. Check the search feature here to find some good recipes.


Just got myself a Wrangler last week. I am loving it!

-I cooked bluegill(pan fish) that I caught last night on the grill, smoked with apple wood. Amazing!

-Tips for a better grill.
-More workspace.
-Workspace needs to not be plastic but something that can withstand high heat.
-Larger wheels for rolling through grass/yard option.

Tom Kirkman

Both of these can be upgraded by you, with just a little expense and effort.

The first thing did when I bought my first Apex was to visit the woodworking store and purchase a set of 3-inch urethane wheels. It rolls like it's on ball bearings now.

The side tables can be enlarged by replacing what you have now with any of the plastic cutting boards sold at most discount stores. WalMart has all sorts of different sizes.

But you do have be careful - the shelf support is on the grill body itself and will only support so much size and weight. It's very likely that Holland did not want to overload or overstress the grill body and thus limited the size of the shelves they ship with the grill. Don't go overboard. You might find it more advantageous to buy a simple rolling cart and rely on that for your additional workspace.

Whatever you do, good luck and enjoy the Holland.


Bought an Epic about a month ago and love it. Try bacon and make BLT's, awesome, and seasoning the grill with bacon is a good call. Did chicken wings last weekend and they were incredible. Have done meatloaf, burgers, and sausage also. A great purchase, the family loves the food.