Topic Title: remote temp haywire
Created on October 2, 2012 at 11:23 PM


Got it stuck in a $75 cut of prime rib beef right now and the remote unit started beeping and flashing HH and then ---. Changed batteries twice, no luck. NO idea on the food.

What has gone wrong?


Batteries on the temp probe ok?


Hi, call Holland Grill 800-880-9766 and ask for Donald, he can help with the problem

Scott D

HH means failed probe. They usually last almost a season. I have tried so many different types that I have a collection. I haven't tried a Holland though. The worst part is that probes for all digital thermometers usually cost 80% of the price of a new complete unit. I always have 2 that are working, especially with a prime rib. Hope it turned out well. What am I saying, of course it did. It was cooked on a Holland grill.


Franklin D

As a general rule, there are 3 things to not do to minimize probe failure:
1) Don't get the probe or wire too hot. They are intended for larger roasts, whole chickens, etc. Not thinner pieces of meat like burgers or steaks. Don't use to check grill internal temps.
2) Don't bend or pinch the cable, especially at the solder joint.
3) Don't get the probe or wire wet. Just wipe the probe tip with a damp cloth after using. No dishwasher!