Topic Title: Wireless timer/thermometer
Created on October 10, 2012 at 11:32 AM


I am thinking about purchasing the wireless timer/thermometer and wanted some feedback. Is this thing for real and as good as it appears to be?


I have 2 wireless thermometers,one for my Apex and one for my Companion.I have found they both work well and are over 2 years old. You can't use rechargeable batteries in them because the voltage is less than regular batteries. I tried using both units at the same time in 2 different meats but found that the frequency settings for both are the same so there was interference and the temp readings would bounce around, but you can use one of the older non-wireless models when doing 2 different meats.I wipe off the probe with a damp soapy paper towel. The thermometers ensure you are eating fully cooked safe food and make the Holland grill the BEST barbecue you can buy! It's foolproof. Hope this helps.


I've got 5 or 6 of them laying around and use them all the time.

It pays to read the fine print on the instructions concerning max temp usage. I have one thermometer "Polder" that has a max temp of 400 deg which is right in the wheelhouse of the Holland and most of my other are in the 490-520 deg range.

To mitigate damage/ruining one I've always wrapped Aluminum foil around the wire and have used them in all my grills Hollands, Webers, AOG, BGE's, Kikuya, PK etc and have not had one go kaput yet. In fact the Polder mentioned above was purchased in 99 when I bought my first BGE.

I do have one of the Holland remote reads and it performs well. I have a couple of Mavericks and two from Williams Sonoma. One of my Mavericks I like its the ET 73 model and it measures intrnal meat temp as well as cooking grate temp. I've seen a bunch of bad press on the ET 73 but mine has performed falwlessly for going on 4 years now.

With my Competition Cooker I use a thermocouple I bought from Spitjack and get around the problems "Stoney" mentioned above with different types of meat.

Bottom line JMS1954 I get one and use it.