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Created on November 18, 2012 at 10:33 PM


I am looking to purchase a Holland and I am torn between the Wrangler and the Epic. A question I would have for you Holland Pros is where are they $200 difference? I have never had a Holland but I have friends who swear by them. It is hard for me to shuck out $600-$1000 for something I am use to buying for $99 about ever 3yrs :( .... Thanks in advance for any info/help with my decision..

Floyd D

The Wrangler is a more modern design that is less labor intensive to make (in the USA!). It is the same size & should cook the same as the high end cabinet grills.
Also, look at the cabinet. It's much more expensive to make than the simpler pedestal stand.

Roger Mueller

yes your right about the $$$ but my frist one lasted 20 years my wife begged me to get a new on!
P.S. i live in Wisconsin and use it all year sits outside too......


Are they any advantage of having the stacks on top verses in the back? Other than the vent location and cabinet is all I can see as the difference and don't know if it makes a difference in the cooking..


The epic is one of the origanal designed grills by Mr. Holland. the advantage of the epic over thhe wrangler is clearance inside.when deciding consider the size of turkey you cook(because ther is no better way to cook one) the wrangler will cook up to a 13lb. where you can cook up to a 25lb.+ with an epic

Tom Kirkman

I used to grill out about once or maybe twice a week on nice evenings. Now I grill out 5 to 6 nights a week, no matter the weather, because I found out how delicious food from the Holland grill tastes.

This Thanksgiving, my family will discover what they've been missing when I arrive with a Holland cooked turkey and prime prime rib roast.


As far as cooking will the Wrangler cook as well as the Epic? I guess my big question is does it matter if it vents out the top compared to the back? I am going to purchase with in the month and I am just trying to do my research before I purchase..


I have a Wrangler and a very old Classic. What I like about the "vent flaps" on the Wrangler is they keep out the rain and don't drip on my deck. Just my thoughts. You can't go wrong not matter which model you buy.


I am a dealer as well as the owner of 2 Hollands. I have cooked on the Wrangler & it cooks as well as an Apex or Epic. Buy what fits your budget, you will be more than happy with the results.


Thanks Andrew and Grillin, that was what I was looking for. Wrangler here I come, Dave thanks for your info also but beings my family is crazy and don't like turkey that won't be a factor. Thanks everyone for helping me make my decision...


Hi all. How 'bout the Maverick. What is the size capacity of this model. We love to cook our turkeys on our Heritage which was been well loved and is falling apart.


Stafford P

The Maverick is the same size as the Wrangler. It has a few less features. It won't steam because the drip pan is simpler. The lid handle is simpler & the knobs aren't as pretty. Most everything else is the same. The important internal parts are the same except for the drip pan.