Topic Title: Winter Care/Cover?
Created on December 15, 2012 at 11:51 AM


This is our first winter with our Maverick. There is NO WAY that I am going to let a few months of Indiana winter weather keep me from using the grill! So far, I have simply kept my standard vinyl-like cover on the grill. The last time I used it and removed the cover, I noticed condensation on the grill. Is this okay or will it damage my grill over time? Also, do you do anything special to keep the winter precipitation (frost, snow) off of your grill? Thanks in advance!


Hello fellow Hoosier! I do not have a cover just yet as I just bought my Maverick! I am really interested in any suggestions to assist Dawn's concerns as I am concerned about the ice and frost we get. In the past I have not ever covered my grill, but they were not Holland Grills!! Please advise!!


I'm not sure of what the latest iteration of Holland Covers looks like. I have two cart models and utilized the non vented Holland Covers and never really had a problem with them.

With that said I do prefer a ventilated cover to the Hollands non ventilated covers. Non ventilated covers will trap in more moisture than they should. I prefer these and just order the size larger than you need.

The veranda cover is very well ventilated and has held up pretty good here in Va Beach. Intense sun has caused a bit of fading but multiple bombing runs by GU-11's (sea gulls)has not stained the cover. I just hose/scrub it off while cooking and let it dry before recovering the grill.

Another key for longevity of your grill is let it cool down with the lid open. No sense in trapping any additional moisture inside your grill. Once grill is cooled off close lid and cover if desired.

For the ice and frost I'm not much help to you on that one. We get snow but it is usally gone by noon the next day.