Topic Title: Not sure what to do with Ham?
Created on December 18, 2012 at 10:23 PM


My wife bought a good size Hickory Smoked half Ham Shank. The sticker on it does says, "ready to eat". And it does have heating intructions in the oven. So I wonder if heating it up on the Holland grill will enhance the over all ham, I would even add some of my holland grill smoke pellets. Or do you think heating it up may dry it out like it would in the indoor oven would? I thinking in favor of the Holland grill because everything has come out better, but just wanted to hear from any one that has an opinion. Thanks!


Hi Bob! Let me share this, I've done hams like this. Place the ham in cheap tin roaster pan and put about two inches of CocaCola or Dr. Pepper in the pan. Should take about an hour to an hour and a half to warm the ham. Check to make sure you keep soda covering the bottom. The soda pop neutralizes some of the curing salt and gives it a sweet taste. Everyone I know loves this stuff. If you don't care for the soda, fill the drip pan with water and warm it up that way. Gook Luck!


Thanks for the reply! Thought no one would answer? I was going to do it any way and report back the results. Did not think about the pan, will do it that way with water. I like the pan idea because I have never tried filling the lower catch area with water after closing the valve.


You can try this recipe. I'm planning on trying it myself for Christmas. Got it in an email from Holland the other day. Try signing up for the e news...lots of good stuff in there. Check this link:

It is a good idea to have the ham in a pan for moisture when you have a pre-cooked ham...the edges can dry out on a spiral sliced. Found that out the hard way the first year I cooked one. You learn a lot of tricks over time.