Topic Title: My New Holland
Created on January 6, 2013 at 12:32 AM


I bought my Holland Wrangler the Monday after Thanksgiving. So far I've cooked two chickens, a pork loin, bacon wrapped asparagas, oil drizzled potato chunks, a turkey, a bunch of hamburgers, breakfast and a 14 lb. rib roast. Tomorrow I'll try my hand at cooking a pot roast. This the the best grill I've ever owned bar none! And the Carolina seasoning is fantastic too!


Rb did you go as directed by the recipes on all of your cookings? I wanna try the bacon wrapped asparagus so bad.. I bought the Epic right afte Christmas and I am loving it so far, I did do ribs last night that didn't turn out too good, they were very tough...


I bought the Apex after Christmas and it does take some time to get use to the difference from a traditional grill. I have cooked a pork loin (steamed) very moist and great, hamburgers were the best and tried steaks last night 3/4" rib-eyes cooked 10 min a side and then finished on my traditional grill to sear the steaks 1.5 min a side and they were the best steaks I have ever cooked (I enjoy the grill marks). I can't wait to purchase the sear mate and this will be the perfect grill!


JM. I did use the recipes per the instructions. But I am now straying a little as I get used to it. Happy grilling!