Topic Title: Batch 487
Created on January 10, 2013 at 11:45 AM


Just got some Batch 487 Grillin sauce from Holland Grill and was wondering if anyone else has tried it and what the results were. Any feedback or tips would be appreciated. Doing wings tonight and was going to try it for the first time.

Tom Kirkman

It's good. Heavy vinegar taste, thin. I like it on pork.


Thanks Tom. The menu actually changed last night and we had pork chops. I agree its very good on pork. Thought maybe it was going to be a little thicker when I ordered it. Still searching for a great bbq sauce that my whole family will love. Will try this again tonight on wings. By the way Tom I still cook my wings the way you told me on one of my first blogs and the family still loves them so thanks for the tip.

Jim B.

Jay best sauce I've found is Wickers. Our local Kroger carries it now. Made in a small town in MO. Vinegar type, real thin, very good as marinade sauce.

Tom Kirkman

Glad you like the wing recipe. Couldn't do it without the Holland though!


The holland sauce is good for pork but i like the b & b recipe for chicken. The recipe os in the Holland grill cookbook.
Its a little less vinegar and a lot thicker

Tom Kirkman

If you can only use one sauce, try Thomas Sauce, the standard regular version. Best all around sauce in the world.

Dale R.

Jay, I have been using Texas Pete Wing Sauce for years, I like it a lot. Soak the wings a few hours or overnight in the sauce and brush more on as needed. The Holland is great for wings.