Topic Title: Tradition - rusted btm
Created on January 12, 2013 at 03:01 AM

Jim B.

I have a standard Tradition model Holland. app. 12 yrs old. I love the thing but I'm starting to get black suttee on my food. I found that the flame is running very orange. The air adjustment screen does not change the flame color at all to try to get back to blue flame. Once i looked closer the bottom area that holds the burner is rusted out. I looked at the Holland site and I guess the Tradition does not have a replacement bottom shell. Any ideas on improving the flame and bottom replacement.

@ Jim B

Hey Jim,
Maybe this will help.
1)Go to Support, then Troubleshooting. There is a topic called "Black soot on my food". Vacuum out the burner from the front of the grill, then adjust the air-shutter.
2) If your bottom shell is totally rusted through, take everything out & have a local sheet metal or welding shop shear a new piece of sheet metal to fit in the bottom.

Jim B.

Well I have been putting off the dismantling of my Tradition grill. We have missed all the food that we used to grill on it. I tore it down today and took the burner out of it. Cleaned the ports with a coat hanger wire and reamed them with an undersized drill bit. The bottom shell had several holes around the burner area. I cut sheet metal and relined the bottom case, installed the cleaned burner and tuned in the air mix. Tested it on some hot dogs to just see how it cooked. I believe soot is gone and the burner is in place on the new sheet metal. (i threw the hot dogs away since i just added the sheet metal) I need a new drip pan but want to make sure the burner is ok before adding any money to it. Another Happy Holland griller back in business.