Topic Title: Pork Loin
Created on May 22, 2008 at 11:34 PM


I need a good recipe and how long to grill a 12lb. pork loin. thanks


Larry I cook pork loin all the time on my Legecy. Get yourself a good meat thermometer to start with. I can cook a 12# loin in about 1.5 hours. I just give it a good rub with a Carolina seasoning and maybe some olive oil to give it a real golden brown look when it is done. I only turn it maybe twice during this time. I start it with the fat side down first for about an hour and then turn it to finish. Good luck.

the demonstrator

Get some of the GREEK SEASONING made by The Holland Company. It's a pepper garlic seasoning - it's great on Pork Loin. Put your pork loin, fat side down (right on the grid) and just sprinkle on the seasoning medium to heavy. Put your Temperature Probe in half-way down in middle, set at 163 degrees F. and shut the lid.....No need to's great.


Anybody try cooking the loin with a lyer of bacon on top?