Topic Title: In-ground post availability
Created on April 5, 2013 at 10:21 PM


Would like to invest in a Holland Grill but would like to use an in-ground post for natural gas. Can any of the units accommodate a post?

Robert F

I am pretty sure that the post & bracket from the Heritage model will fit the Maverick & Wrangler. The stainless steel post mount tube is in the Accessories section of the web-site.
You really need to call Holland to verify this.

Smokin Sid

Is there no way to hook an Apex up to a NG line? it would seem like you could build a cement platform and then run the line in under the unit?

@ smokin Sid

Any full size Holland grill can be converted from LP to NG or visa-versa.
For LP you need an LP orifice for the specific model & a hose/regulator, all new current full size Holland grills come set-up this way.
To change to NG, you need an NG orifice & a straight through NG gas supply line.
The orifices are in the "Parts" section & the Holland 12' QD NG hose is in "Accessories". Directions for changing the orifice are in the "Support" section under "Grill care".