Topic Title: grease pale, drip tube
Created on April 6, 2013 at 03:31 PM

tim cincinnati

i have owned a holland for years and have found a great solution for this, you can buy empty 1 gallon paint buckets with lids to hang as your grease pale, at the end of your grilling season remove and place the lid on and dispose of, also a 12 gauge shotgun cleaning rod is perfect for cleaning out your drip tube, happy grilling on the best grill ever!


I would use alot of buckets. 2 per month. Great idea!

Fred W

With the standard drip bucket, the most common practice is to line the bucket with a cut-off 1 litre soda bottle. Discard when full & replace.


I just use a plastic margarine or butter tub with a tad of water in it. Once done cooking take it out of the drip pan and put the plastic cover on it and pitch it. Or if you cook a lot cap it and set it on the cooking grate once grill is cool. No ants, flies, or critter problems.

tim cincinnati

hey wayne how many cans did you use ? i went through 12 tanks of propane this year and did not fill 1 paint can, and for the other 2, no mess grill no mess drip can, why would you go to all that trouble of cutting a 2 liter bottle and then the mess of getting rid of it, standard procedure LOL