Topic Title: Issue with Regulator or Gas Tank?
Created on April 7, 2013 at 11:56 PM


I just started using my Holland grill after a few month hiatus and I am having trouble with the gas. I have the wrangler model and have it hooked up to a propane tank. My old tank was dead so I went to get a replacement today. Hooked it up and nothing was coming out. After fooling around with it for long enough I got it to work. It seemed like the valve on the tank was either seized up or it was getting pressed hard enough.

Anyways, I go to throw on the chicken I had fixed up and when I am placing them on the grill I hear the gas go dead. Sure enough, same thing as before. I have never had issues with this before but this is incredibly annoying since I can't depend on it to cook.

So my question, does this sound like the regulator is bad or the tank that I got is bad? Thanks in advance.


I would try another tank first to see if that is the problem.